Monday, August 22, 2016

Bumpdate Week 31!

How far along? 31 weeks! 

Weight Gain: 6 pounds

Sleep? Still waking up to pee about once or twice a night. 

Challenges this week: not wanting to go into the hospital for clinicals. So close to being done though! 

Best moment this week: I won two giveaways on instagram! 4 bandana bibs, a saranoni receiving blanket (my absolute favorite blankets in the world), a skip hop light and sound owl, a nice pacifier, and a skip hop outfit! 

Weird pregnancy moment: I'm not fitting into a lot of my scrub tops anymore. 

Movement: he moves a lot but especially after I drink or eat. 

Food cravings: I havent had too much of an appetite for the last week. 

Anything making you queasy? I'm getting morning sickness again and I can't eat as much as I have been the last two months or else I feel sick for the rest of the day :(

Symptoms: varicose veins.... 

What are you looking forward to? Going up to Ogden with Jake to get his new glasses and I'm getting my eyelashes done... I love getting my lashes done :) 

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