Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mammoth Lakes Vacation & Zach and Emma's Wedding

Jake and I went on a much needed vacation to Mammoth Lakes for a Kenyon/Anderson reunion and then to West Point for Zach and Emma's sealing. Jake works over 60 hours a week and I was doing 30 clinical hours at Moab Regional hospital plus 20 hours of work for Doctor Andrew in Springville each week, to say that we were excited for this vacation was an understatement.

Driving from Lancaster to Mammoth Lakes with Dallin in our new Saab.

Bre- 26 weeks pregnant, Britt and Baby Calvin 1 month old, Me- 27 weeks pregnant.

On our way to hike Rainbow Falls. Kate never snuggles, so this was a rare event. 

An early birthday lunch for me at the Cheesecake Factory!

Salt Lake City Temple for Zach and Emma's Sealing. We saw Elder Holland walk 3 feet from us into another sealing! It was a good day. 

Bumpdate Week 28

before and after of changing table

How far along? 28 weeks! 
Weight Gain: Back to my pre-pregnancy weight before I got "all day pregnancy sickness" and lost 18 pounds.
Sleep? Takes about 25 minutes to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, then I wake up once, maybe twice to pee in the middle of the night. I usually wake up feeling refreshed. 
Challenges this week: Staying cool, especially during Sacrament meeting. It feels like the air is never on and I'm constantly fanning myself with my make-shift fans. 
Best moment this week: Found a changing table at the thrift store for $5! It was TOO exciting to pass up a deal like that and it resembles the one my parents had for all of us when we were babies. Jake and I spray painted it white. We left it outside to "dry" in the Moab heat of 103 degrees, but when we walked to the front door of our basement apartment we found it was POURING rain outside--completely unexpected. My darling husband runs out in his socks to bring our little changing table inside to dry off and we couldn't help but laugh. 
Weird pregnancy moment: Feeling that I can't breath, I think it might be anxiety and I've never experienced it before pregnancy. I've been using the breathing exercises found in my hypnobirthing workbook-- Breath in peace, breath out tension-- it's the only thing that's been helping besides walking around. It's worse when I sit or lay on my back. 
Movement: Talk about a wiggle worm! This little guy is constantly kicking, re-positioning, or "swimming" around. I love it, especially when Jake can see and feel him moving.  
Food cravings: I can finally say that I have food cravings now! For the longest time food was repulsive and just the thought or smell of ANYTHING (not even joking) made me dry heave ... it was an experience like nothing else. Now I can proudly say that I crave chocolate ice cream (especially a frosty from Wendy's), good french toast (I've been dying to go to Maglebys Fresh or Kneaders), Alambre from Pepe's, and the Santa Fe Salad from The Cheesecake Factory.
Anything making you queasy? Certain smells, today at church someone smelled like chicken noodle soup and for some reason that made me queasy.
Symptoms: Leg cramps during the night and chin 
What are you looking forward to? Baby shower in California in a few weeks! And picking out a new Lularoe dress from Mom :)