Monday, August 15, 2016

Bumpdate Week 30!

How far along? 30 weeks! :) wahooo!

Weight Gain: 6 pounds

Sleep? Getting a little more uncomfortable during nights. But not bad.

Challenges this week: Feeling a little melancholy and always wanting to snack.

Best moment this week: Making hobo dinners with Jake for my birthday. We went up to Lake Oowah again (it feels so nice up there) and celebrated my birthday. We had no bake cherry cheesecake and gelato from the Brewery. Also, we got a pottery barn crib and rocking chair from Kim... I helped Jake set it up last night, it's feeling more real now!

Weird pregnancy moment: I can't go a few days without showering anymore...Haha.

Movement: I'm pretty sure he has been practicing jumping Jack's the last week, he'll have some good leg muscles when he arrives.

Food cravings: mint chocolate chip ice cream :)

Anything making you queasy? Nothing that comes to mind, but I've been feeling a little nauseous this week.

Symptoms: more Braxton hicks contractions, about once or twice a day.

What are you looking forward to? I'm starting shakeology this week and adding some more exercises to my routine. Usually I've been going on walks for about 40 minutes, but I started this little work out group with Noelle Briggs and I'll be doing a little bit more that will help with labor and delivery.

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